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Purrrfectly hilarious cat poems!

Dark dysfunctional relationships vs cute black cat. The complete saga!

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Praise for M.G. Spear’s writing:

The narrative is immensely engaging and vivid. The vibe seeps under your skin, excites you and consumes you whole. I definitely want to read more by her.

— review for Twist in the Void

It’s a lovely pet centered storyline, and interestingly, the author presents the whole story from the perspective of a cat; “Pumpkin”.
“A Whiskered perspective” by M.G.Spear is a rather unusual yet enjoyable book, and the plot revolves around a young woman named Miller and her companion & pet cat, called Pumpkin. They were living a somewhat simple but happy life until one day, when “Rob” appeared into the scene, twisting their lives slowly but drastically. The writing style of the book was simple and smooth, and the flow of the story was engaging from the first page to the last. An enjoyable and recommendable book!

–review for A Whiskered Perspective

What should we do when we sense that we are being lied in a relationship? Or what should we do about the missing spark between us? Yes, it is complicated, and relationships always are.

That is when the books like this come really handy as it gives so many insights into regular dating and relationship problems…Such a helpful read.

–review for Green & Red Flags to Look For In a Relationship

Very similar to the shack, except more thought provoking.

–review for God is a Mob Boss

The narrative is extremely fun and humourous yet triggers introspection among readers at the same time. It provided me with a new lens to look at failures and comforted me with the hope that eventually everything will turn out fine – I just need to keep taking a step at a time.

–review for Motivation with Winged Cats