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Well water

So as you know, my husband is majorly into gardening (check out this post).

When we first started planting trees, it was my job to water them.

And I hated every minute of it. I would stand out there for about two hours every other day, then every day when it started to get hot, dragging the hose to each tree.

Around the same time, my husband started getting sick. He was having diarrhea along with stomach pains. He went to see a specialist who immediately set up a colonoscopy the following week, fearing it was cancer.

Two weeks before he went to the doctor, it was decided to put in a well on our property to help with the water bill and be able to put in a sprinkler system (did I mention how much I hate watering?).

It was summer—I was off and he was working. When the crew came out to work on the well, I sent him videos of what was going on to keep him updated. Within a few hours and only minor hiccups, the well was dug.

The weekend before his scheduled colonoscopy, we had our sprinkler guy install an awesome system, and even hooked up the well to our house.

My husband has the procedure and nothing was out of the ordinary—the doctor suggested something else was going on to make him sick.

But you know what happened? As soon as we switched over to drinking the well water, all of his symptoms disappeared. We found out that the local water district that was supplying water to the houses wasn’t cleaning their water efficiently—they sent out a letter telling people to start boiling their water. So it all worked out in the end: my husband got better, and I didn’t have to water the trees any more. Sometimes things just work out.

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