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Quick brew loose leaf tea in under 30 seconds. Anytime. Anywhere. Any tea. Any bottle.

There is a lot of culture in relaxing and waiting for tea to be brewed, but why wait?

Great, authentic tea should be accessible to people on-the-go, who may not have the time to wait for their tea—sometimes you just need tea in the moment.

Whether at the gym, on vacation, or at work–brew tea on the spot, immediately.

So now, tea is still the best thing on Earth, and you can have immediately. Anywhere. Anytime. Any tea. Any bottle.

We now have two versions of Teazzed Straw: the Quick Draw Straw, a biodegradable straw for smaller water bottles:

Or the newly minted Travel Tea Filter, a smaller food-grade plastic and metal filter straw that fits larger bottles and smaller openings:

You can order the Quick Draw Straw, and/or order the Travel Tea Filter Straw (contact us at teazzed@gmail[dot]com). Get ready to start the new year with lots of tea!

How Does the Teazzed Straw Work?

The Quick Draw Straw Itself

What if the Teazzed Straw gets Clogged?

How Do I Take Care of my Teazzed Straw?

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