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65. Blacksmithing

The coolest thing I have ever done for an experiment is one summer hooking up with a blacksmith. I called him up, told him what I wanted to do, and he invited me to his home where he had a workshop set up for his own blacksmithing projects. It was sooo awesome. I bought everything, […]

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53. When even cacti won’t grow

I kill cacti. I love keeping an aloe vera plant around for burns, and I have one that sits next to my living room windows. It’s not the biggest thing, but at least it’s still growing. It’s like my 5th one. One time I bought a really nice succulent aloe vera home from the local […]

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43. Learning new things

I’ve been getting into Photoshop lately (as evidenced by some of the images in my book, Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1), and I’ve been having fun adding more to my repertoire and messing around. So now I spend some of my limited free time creating art. My stuff isn’t Picasso level or anything, but I […]

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