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Maybe she’s born with it; maybe it’s lots of tea

Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than hearing great news and holding a nice cup of tea in your hands. Today’s post is all about tea, how to make instant big cups so you don’t have to constantly brew tea, plus some flavor combinations that will make your taste buds glad you brewed that big batch. Trust me I know—I used to be in the tea biz, and I am a fellow tea fiend. I’ve been mixing and testing combinations and brewing techniques for a while, and in this post I share some of those with you. Read on in “Maybe she’s born with it; maybe it’s lots of tea,” on MGSpear.com.

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Tea Overdose

This week it was solidified that I get headaches from tea and soda. What’s weird is it really wasn’t about the caffeine—I was drinking decaffeinated beverages. For the moment I still have my awesome tea collection (I was a tea fanatic), but for now they will have to patiently wait for me to make a cup again. Have you ever had to give up something you really liked?

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MGSpear Blog: Eclectic & Quirky

46. Tea recipes

I kind of like the idea of getting more into digital products. I have my short stories, and some more products I am kicking around for Shop MGSpear, but I don’t really have anything digital for Teazzed—currently I just sell our awesome biodegradable Teazzed straw that quick brews tea in under 30 seconds. What I […]

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