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Winged Cats for 2021

Anyone can give advice; the trick is to take to heart what affects you. This is why I like motivational quotes. Not too in-your-face, but with just the right resonance to ping interest.
So this year I continue on in that vein, but with motivational winged cats interspersed with regular original quotes. I am looking forward to the new year and the adventures it will bring, so why not live dangerously by enjoying life and making quotes with a meow factor? After all, none of us escapes life alive.

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MGSpear Blog: Eclectic & Quirky

84. Meal Prepping

One way I have decided to save money this year is to buy food in bulk and meal prep at home for the week. *Gasp* But don’t you not know how to cook???? Didn’t you almost burn down the house once trying to make hashbrowns????? Lol I am taking my meager skills, and with the […]

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74. Business Growth: New Year Goals

One of the things I like about inventing is always seeing possibility on the horizon. A failed experiment gleans new insights into how things work and allows me to create a new experiment to try. For my experiments I collect all kinds of odds and ends to help me out—just recently I got some shower […]

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