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57. Hashbrowns

Photo by Wonderlane; Quote found on Pinterest

I am not the greatest cook.

I can work the microwave like nobody’s business, but when it comes to cooking basics, I used to not be able to do much past heat up the stove.

My husband, on the other hand, is a wonderful cook. He’s one of those that can take a pinch of this and a dash of that and come up with an awesome tasting meal. Sometimes I find meals from Facebook and he figures out how to cook them.

But at the beginning of our relationship, he assumed I knew the basics of cooking. Once, he asked me to make hashbrowns for breakfast while he jumped in the shower. I said I didn’t know if I could do that. He replied no one can screw up hashbrowns.

So, I turned on the stove, pulled out the enormous cube of hashbrowns from the freezer, and plopped it into a pan on the stove.

I waited.

And waited.

After a while (it could have only been a few minutes—I’m not necessarily the most patient person), I got frustrated with this block of frozen hashbrowns and turned up the stove.

The stove caught on fire.

I yell, turn off the stove, and it is still on fire. My husband hears me yelling, runs into the kitchen, puts out the fire, and looks at me in disbelief. “You heat it up first in the microwave to thaw it, not put the frozen rock in the pan,” he said.

“You didn’t tell me that part.”

“I thought you knew that—everyone knows that.”

He ended up cooking the hashbrowns that morning.

Moral of the story: stick with your strengths. It’s okay to have other people can help out where you are weak. And thaw frozen blocks of food before sticking it on the stove.

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53. When even cacti won’t grow

Photo by Chuttersnap; Quote by Thomas Edison

I kill cacti.

I love keeping an aloe vera plant around for burns, and I have one that sits next to my living room windows. It’s not the biggest thing, but at least it’s still growing.

It’s like my 5th one.

One time I bought a really nice succulent aloe vera home from the local plant place, and my husband again reminded me to water it. I set it outside for the day so I could clear off a place for it in the house. I remembered the plant after I had already called it a day, and decided to bring it in the next day.

Well, a cold snap came through, and that poor aloe vera pretty much liquefied and turned into mush.

I had killed it within 24 hours. My husband was so mad.

You don’t have to have the golden touch for everything—find out what works for you, what your strengths are, and build on those. You can’t be good at everything, and even if you are, there is someone who can do certain things better than you.

As for me, my husband helps me keep up with the watering of my current cacti. This current one will hopefully be with us a little longer.

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51. Ant infestation

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov; Quote by Bossbabe

The other day my husband and I took our farm truck into town to get some supplies, and as I open the passenger door to get in, I notice ants coming out of the vents.

“I am not riding in this car and have ants crawl all over me!”

My husband came over to my side and brushed all the ants out of the car. “See? Problem solved. We won’t be gone that long anyway.”

So we make our way to the different errand stops we need, and every time (every time!) we came back to the truck after leaving the store, there were ants continuing to come out of the vents and crawl around on the dashboard and the floorboards.

After the third stop my husband informed me that the truck had had an ant problem for a while because it had been sitting for so long undriven. He just didn’t tell me because he wanted to take the truck to put wood in the back bed.

Sometimes we face a challenge or obstacle, and we do not want to do it. It might be to work with a difficult person, finish a boring task, or ride around in an ant infested truck.

Usually though when you complete it, you’ve accomplished something and perhaps learned in the process, at least perhaps how to do it better or avoid that situation in the future.

As for me, I got a nice dinner out of riding around in that truck all day. But mark my words, I will never get in that truck again if it has ants.

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30. Fitness

Photo by Ivan Torres; Quote by Fitxgrind Journals

I’m a little bit into fitness. I run and hike, I try to eat right (mostly), and I track my steps with a fitbit knockoff. For those of you not into the fitbit movement, it’s a bracelet that tracks my steps while I go about my day.

And my husband thinks it is the most hilarious thing in the world to shake my arm while I am wearing my fitbit.

Working with people can be difficult sometimes, but with any relationship, whether marriage, employer-employee, friends, coworkers, etc., you have to roll with the punches.

Maintaining relationships is a great way to foster business—you never know who that person is connected with. Perhaps they went to high school with the person in charge of procurement at Starbucks—you just never know.

Now, if that person tries to steal your business, or do some other shady stuff, definitely take action—don’t get run over in classic passive aggressive resistance.

All I’m saying is it is harder to piece back together a shattered pot, then it is to polish it up a little.

So what do I do about the fitbit, you may ask? Whenever my husband is working on a project and wants me to get him something or hand him a tool, I think it is hilarious to make him compliment me or say something awesome about me before I give him what he wants.

Stay tuned, dear readers.