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91. Washing Cats

When we were working on our hardwood floors, my husband was laying down vapor barrier one day and our kitties, Socks and Elsa, thought it would be hilarious to jump around and knead on the barrier, putting little holes in it. My husband kept shooing them away, and they kept coming back. He tossed their […]

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MGSpear Blog: Eclectic & Quirky

89. Sewage

Sometimes bad days just happen. One Christmas Eve we were coming back home late at night, happy, laughing, and looking forward to spending the holiday with more family. We walk into our house, and all seems well. My husband decides he is going to take a quick shower. I’m bringing in our dogs from letting […]

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MGSpear Blog: Eclectic & Quirky

40. The quest of dehumidifiers

Over the summer my husband decided that our house was too humid and bought a dehumidifier. He liked it; I didn’t care. Then he decided to get another one to get rid of all the leftover humidity. He liked it; I was mildly annoyed. Then he decided to get another one and move two of […]

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