Relationship Guide–Green & Red Flags to Look For In a Relationship

You catch your significant other doing something shady, or feel like they treat you bad, or wonder if you’re settling. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guide to figure out the red flags and hone in on the green flags? Look no further–this book is for you! The flags are good to spot at any stage of a relationship, from the very beginning to marriage. Your happiness and self-esteem are critical.


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The first time I watched The Notebook, the tumultuous trials of the lead characters’ relationship seemed to burn with passion—I wanted that passion with someone. Now that I have more dating experience under my belt, and have been married for a few years, I look back on that movie with the rose-colored glasses taken off: that is not a real depiction of love.

Talking with people, observing relationships, and reading about current woes of dating have lead me to realize that a lot of people still believe passion in a relationship has to come with dramatic ups and downs, in the relentless pursuit of changing the other person for the better.

Let me tell you, this is not the case. I am writing this book with the notion to help others in relationships see past myths and the monsters, to eventually develop a healthy dating or married life with more green flags than red. This book is a compilation of what I have learned over the years, in the hopes of inspiring other relationships to blossom.






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