God is a Mob Boss

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Where is God?
Where is God in isolation?
Where is God in mental illness?
Where is God in abortion?
Where is God right now?

Want something refreshingly honest for a change?

This book is a well-argued discourse on the central moral questions of the Bible. It is written in dialogue form, making it very easy to follow. It is filled with insights and careful exposition designed to lead to a thought-provoking experience.

I wrote this in mind to answer questions I had been mulling over for many many years. This book was made from a molding of life experiences and research, a treatise on the human condition.

This eBook was written to shed light on taboo religious and spiritual topics, and bring a different perspective to biblical stories.

If you’re looking for a sign, this is it.

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God is a Mob Boss Preview


“Occupation please?”

“Mob boss.”

The reporter paused, a little perplexed by the answer, but he knew that this might be the scoop of a lifetime, so he opened his mind to the possibilities.

“Your name for the record?”

“Iam.” Iam smirked a little. “Maybe life coach would be better. That used to be a popular term among entrepreneurs.”

“Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?”

“The best.” Iam smiled, his skin crackling a little from the power that ran through facsimile veins. “And Enoch, I am going to tell you why.”



2 reviews for God is a Mob Boss

  1. Jerry Silmone

    Very similar to the shack, except more thought provoking.

  2. Melissa S.

    It’s written as a conversation that flows well and explains a lot. Basically it’s a treatise on the human condition, a different take on things. Gave me a lot to think about. I just never viewed Bible stories in that perspective, and concepts like predestination and free will simultaneously co-existing. A great read if you have the time.

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