God is a Mob Boss

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Where is God?

Where is God in isolation?

Where is God in the corona virus?

Where is God in mental illness?

Where is God in abortion?

Where is God right now?

He is still here.

This eBook was written to shed light taboo religious and spiritual topics, and bring a different perspective to biblical stories. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it.

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God is a Mob Boss Preview


“Occupation please?”

“Mob boss.”

The reporter paused, a little perplexed by the answer, but he knew that this might be the scoop of a lifetime, so he opened his mind to the possibilities.

“Your name for the record?”

“Iam.” Iam smirked a little. “Maybe life coach would be better. That used to be a popular term among entrepreneurs.”

“Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?”

“The best.” Iam smiled, his skin crackling a little from the power that ran through facsimile veins. “And Enoch, I am going to tell you why.”




The man walked up to Enoch, a relaxed stroll in the sun. He wasn’t dressed particularly well but he had an air of authority about him. “I would like to have my history recorded.”

Enoch nodded. Stories were always getting passed around, and he was the go-to guy for remembering. Even though he had never seen an elephant, his memory was like one: he could recall anything he was told. Thus, he had taken on the role of an oral recorder in an unofficial capacity.

“How long will it take? I have until the sun sets behind the tree line.”

The man smiled. “A couple hundred years.”

Enoch sighed. Everyone said they had the best story. Most people wanted to tell him about their children, and their children’s children, and so the majority of his memory was filled with genealogy. Half the time he glossed over hearing stories of when their precious child first spoke or took their first steps and stuck to the more famous stories and how long those people lived.

“Okay, well, how about we start now, see how it goes, and then I can decide if I want to listen to the rest of it?” He did not want to be stuck listening to something boring for hours.

The man smiled again. “Oh, you won’t find this boring. In fact, to understand my story you’re going to need some special insight. You follow Yahweh, correct?”

Enoch nodded.

“Well, Yahweh has a gift for you.” The man reached out and touched his head, and a spark ignited in Enoch’s brain. And he fell down.

And he laid there for 39 days.

On the 40th day, he got up, dusted himself, and went to find the man to begin his story.




“I guess reporting has been in my blood for a long time,” Enoch said slowly as he sat down by Iam.

“You’ve always had great investigative skills, and yes you’ve always pursued some form of reporting in all of your lives.”

“When you touched me, all of these experiences flooded through my mind at once, and it was like I was living in all these different strange times and experiencing memories. I now know what a car is—how could I possibly know that I prefer Willys to Jeeps? Or that the best ice cream flavor is Cookies and Cream?”

Iam chuckled. “Most people don’t remember their past lives—I’ve just opened up those memories for you. Some people live in the future before they come to the past; some people are all future; some are all past. Mostly it’s a mix, though.”

“But why? Everyone knows that when you die, you cross over to heaven or hell.”

“Ah yes, the final death. There are “mini-deaths” before that final one. Boiled down: people need a lot of chances to know Me, to choose Me. Since people didn’t live as long after the Great Flood, they need more time to have a “come to Jesus” moment. In the end, though, some still don’t.” His smile faltered.

Enoch waved his hand. “So how many lives have I lived?”

The smile came back. “No one knows the day nor the hour. Just like the Second Coming, no one knows how many lives they will live—for the most part, people don’t consciously remember anything from their previous lives, and I don’t allow anyone to remember anything from their future lives.”

Enoch nodded, his brain taking in the words like music. It saturated his neurons and stamped the words into his memory.

“You mentioned the Great Flood—why did that come about? Why did you kill everyone except my descendant—Noah and his family?”

Iam leaned forward and whispered, “For that, we have to go back to the Great War. I know everything—I am omnipotent—but I also want people to choose me.”

“Let’s break that down. How can you be omnipotent?”

“Because I exist outside of time. Therefore, the past, present, and future, are all available to me. Mankind exists within time; he has no choice but to follow its course. This is where free will comes into play: man chooses his own path in the dimensions he is restricted to and, therefore, can reap the consequences of his actions. But since I am outside of time, and see everything happen at once, I already know the choices man will make. So, in a way, predestination and free will coexist.”


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