Closet Noises Horror Story

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Monsters lurking in the closet is old news—so this story brings a new twist to the topic. Surrealism meets Poe in this new take on how monsters play on our fears, and what happens when they turn out to be real.

Closet Noises: A growing fear of what lurks in a closet. What would you do if those fears came alive? “Yet the noises continued to haunt Sam with their presence, and as spring began to dwindle a fear gnawed at the back of her mind. This fear was uncalled for, but it grew anyway whenever she passed by the coat closet to get to the front door.”

Buy now, and you won’t be able to put down this new distortion on old horror.


Ability to download versions with images and in traditional book format will be made available immediately after purchase. With purchase you get 3 chances to download the story.  Story is in .pdf format. Best viewed on a large display like a tablet or computer due to photographs. No refunds for digital download products.


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