Butterfly Disease Horror Fiction

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Butterfly Disease: “It started with a cough—a raspy sounding cough that Mrs. Grener noticed one of her fifth graders having. There was also a small rash at the base of the boy’s neck as well. She confirmed with other teachers down the hallway that some of their kids also had the rash and cough. By noon fifteen kids were said to have it, and that was enough to call a council to order.”

Butterflies—such gentle creatures; such a devastating disease.

A new plague has come to town—purchase now to find out the lengths people will go to keep it contained. What would you do to protect your friends and family?



Ability to download versions with images and in traditional book format will be made available immediately after purchase. With purchase you get 3 chances to download the story.  Story is in .pdf format. Best viewed on a large display like a tablet or computer due to photographs. No refunds for digital download products.


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