Bubbles Horror Story

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When the sun is up, and the heat is beating down, a dip in the pool sounds so inviting.

Except when it is the last thing you ever do.

This story takes on a new twist to the drowning approach—a new distortion on old horror.

Bubbles: Not just another day at the pool. “Halfway through the third lap, however, Janine felt a sharp pain along the middle of her back, causing her to lose feeling in her legs. They stopped churning in the water and hung lifeless below her. “

Order your copy today to find a fresh view on water phobia—you won’t be able to put it down.


Ability to download versions with images and in traditional book format will be made available immediately after purchase. With purchase you get 3 chances to download the story.  Story is in .pdf format. Best viewed on a large display like a tablet or computer due to photographs. No refunds for digital download products.


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