Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1 Horror Story Collection–grab some chills, enjoy the thrills.


Fresh distortions in suspenseful horror.

An Edgar Allen Poe meets Salvador Dali type of match: curling chilling stories around creepy images to amp up the mood.

Purchase a copy today for a horror collection that delights the senses and sends chills down your spine. This collection includes a myriad of stories, from breakup revenge to reality peeling off the walls into delusion. Some characters wonder if they are home alone; another has an underlying fear of their closet; one tells tales of evil unicorns, so vicious they tore into their enemies’ flesh with deadly fangs. Another wonders if the shadow spiders will ever leave them alone, while someone else weaves their fears around toilet paper. All of these stories and more create a web of suspense, chills, and guarantee a spooky evening.

Prepare yourself for a delightful eclectic collection filled with distortions that twist the horror genre. As described by one reader: “ho. le. crap.”

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Excerpts from the collection:

The collection contains:

Toilet Paper: It waits until you are most vulnerable.

Closet Noises: A growing fear of what lurks in a closet. What would you do if those fears came alive?

Bubbles:  Not just another day at the pool.

Sunday:  Gearing up for the work week while having to deal with shadow spiders.

Butterfly Disease: A town stricken by disease—what would you do if your child became ill?

Dark of Night:  When paranoia sets in while being home alone.

Below:  A metaphorical look about descending into darkness.

Revenge:  Heartbreak gone wrong. Really wrong.

The Battle of Glosser: Flesh eating unicorns terrorizing people—how does it stop?

Dark of Night Version B: When extreme paranoia sets in while being home alone.


Ability to download versions with images and in traditional book format will be made available immediately after purchase. With purchase you get 3 chances to download the story.  Story is in .pdf format. Best viewed on a large display like a tablet or computer due to photographs. No refunds for digital download products.



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