Below Horror Story

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The struggle to follow the path everyone takes or descend into darkness.

We’ve all been there—and now here’s a story to take you back to that pivotal point in the road. Who knows? You might find yourself relating to the protagonist as he agonizes over his decision in this metaphor short story.

Below: A metaphorical look about descending into darkness. “No door handle existed; it had fallen off long ago. The only way was for me to push the door open—for me to expand my world to unknown limitations; to step into the abyss and possibly fall, fall, through my own willing.”

Buy now to read about a time, a feeling, that might spark a familiar twinge inside your soul.


Ability to download versions with images and in traditional book format will be made available immediately after purchase. With purchase you get 3 chances to download the story.  Story is in .pdf format. Best viewed on a large display like a tablet or computer due to photographs. No refunds for digital download products.


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