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Jumping on the Trampoline

A collection of short stories of different genres and impact, Jumping on the Trampoline will entertain the imagination and have readers yearning for more at the end of the book. While some stories concentrate on the college life, others focus on the gray area where reality blurs with imagination. This selection of stories provides a wide array of backgrounds and ideas.

Bringing back the oldies.

I published this book, my first, in 2006. I went out and bought the Writer’s Market edition for that year, and ended up with an indie publisher, what appeared to be a more prominent one circulating around at that time.

Family and friends were generous enough to throw me a book launch party, but after that, my book didn’t sell much. I would get small royalty checks for the first two or three years after, and then nothing else came.

I figured my book had bombed—no one wanted to read it, so I continued writing but didn’t publish anything else for many years.

Fast forward to last year, I came across an article saying my publishing company was getting sued.

What for, you may ask? For scamming authors by telling them their books weren’t selling and keeping the royalties. Someone got mad enough, went after the publishing company, and last I heard, they are no longer in business.

So I don’t know if my original short story collection sold well or not, but the only way it is currently available is through paperback by third-party sellers—people who got their hands on a copy before the publishing company stopped producing it. There was no ebook available—until now.

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