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Horror & Suspense

Suspenseful writing that will provide you with refreshingly new chills. Have a fear of the dark? You might after reading these books.

Dark Twists and Surreal Turns is the first in the Dark Twists Trilogy. The main character, Shern Baxter, is in a battle for her sanity as she continues on in college while her world collapses.

Could you survive a battle of wits with monsters?

Enough talk. Enough chitchat.

I can see the door out of the corner of my eye, the wormhole to reality, the safety zone. Tightening the hold on my purse, I jerk it out of the locker and run. Fear propels me down the row of lockers with superhuman speed, brain only focused on that door, that light at the end of the tunnel, that small passageway for salvation, that—

Stray shoelace drives me downwards…

What people are saying:

The way this story twisted it was amazeballs. Would highly recommend.

–Mark N.

Written in first person of voice Dark Twists and Surreal Turns amalgamates the elements of horror and suspense. The plot is refreshing and unique. I was totally blown when I read the first page itself. The author has an impeccable hold over vocabulary and the writing. The narrative is immensely engaging and vivid. The vibe seeps under your skin, excites you and consumes you whole. I definitely want to read more by her.


In her left hand rested a pocketknife, small enough to fit on a key chain but big enough to be dragged slowly across her right forearm. The sting kept her away, alert.



Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1 is a different kind of creature. This eclectic collection offers fresh distortions on the horror genre, ranging from breakup revenge to reality peeling off the walls. Some characters wonder if they are home alone; another has an underlying fear of their closet; one tells tales of evil unicorns, so vicious they tore into their enemies’ flesh with deadly fangs. Another wonders if the shadow spiders will ever leave them alone, while someone else weaves their fears around toilet paper. All of these stories and more create a web of suspense, chills, and guarantee a spooky evening.

What people are saying:

This collection contains an assortment of 10 stories; all of which focusing on an unsettling creepy horror vibe, instead of blood and guts horror. M.G. Spear gets an A+ for creativity, as each story varies; not two stories in the collection sound the same. I enjoyed that M.G. Spear took mundane items, such as toilet paper in the very first story titled Toilet Paper, and turned it into a tale of horror. Hats off to you, M.G. Spear.

–Kendall Reviews

In this book, you will find a collection of short stories that will give you a spook. I know it did me. Combined with the colorful illustrations, the stories will have you screeching (maybe that will just be me) in fear. Each story is as unique as this book is as a whole.

Honestly, I was a little in shock of the illustrations. It is like reading a picture book as a child might. I had it in my mind that the illustration wouldn’t make a difference in the “spook” factor of the stories. I was surprised when they did. I mean, I grabbed this book because of the name and the cat. I mean, I am a book lover, so, of course, I love my cats. It surprised me what the different images did to each story. I found that they made visualization easier for me.

As for the stories, I have to say they were strange but easy to be sucked in. The writing works well with the pictures. I always try to rate books with collections like this one as a whole, but I have to say I loved the individual story named Sunday. It had me freaked out.
I wouldn’t say I was just terrified by this book, but each story presents the reader with a new reaction. As a whole, I enjoyed this book.

–Boundless Book Reviews, Amazon Reviewer

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