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Miller would comment in the comment section, Pumpkin loves the likes! as I would sit on her lap.

Cats are the thing on the Internet streets.

Meet the cutest new black kitty in fiction, Pumpkin! He has a devoted owner, Miller, who is not the greatest when it comes to standing up for herself in relationships.

Miller thinks she has found love but Pumpkin tells a darker story. Not all love is equal, even if you desperately want it to be.

This is a different take on relationship turmoil and the power of a connection between a cat and his human.

What People are saying:

This had me on the edge of my seat til the end. I love Pumpkin!


I loved the pacing and back and forth between Pumpkin’s point of view and Miller’s diary entries. Once I sat down to read it I couldn’t put it down! It fully grabbed my attention and I finished it in one sitting. It’s definitely a darker relationship story with a narcissist; I loved the contrast between the narcissist and Pumpkin. I would love to read more Pumpkin books.

–Emily T.

Such a great story! Loved the premise of the cat telling the tale. Hoping for a follow-up sequel. Quick read, couldn’t stop till the end. Plenty of twists and turns to hold your interest!

–Paula LeBlanc, Amazon Reviewer

Certain stumbling and roadblocks are meant to mold the person into what they need to be…Anyone can smile and say platitudes, but the ones that have been through fire are usually better adept at handling situations.

Looking for something refreshingly honest for a change?

This eBook was written to shed light on various religious and spiritual taboo topics, such as mental illness; abortion; trials and tribulations; and even the battle between good and evil. Enjoy this unique perspective–perhaps you’ll find some answers to ponderings you hold close to your heart.

What people are saying:

Very similar to the shack, except more thought provoking.

–Jerry Silmone

It’s written as a conversation that flows well and explains a lot. Basically it’s a treatise on the human condition, a different take on things. Gave me a lot to think about. I just never viewed Bible stories in that perspective, and concepts like predestination and free will simultaneously co-existing. A great read if you have the time.

–Melissa S.

Red paint tainted with dirt, murky water in its hull left over from recent rain, the boat longed for a day it would be remembered.

The Boat

Looking for a nice collection of fiction to read? Look no farther! Jumping on the Trampoline focuses on coming of age and college life, mixing different topics and delving into random stories. You’ll never know what the next story holds until you flip the page and jump into another great fictional piece.

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