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Dark Twists and Surreal Turns

Your world collapsing? Check.
Trying to get through grad school? Check.
Sanity slipping? Double-check.

The suspense of what is real and not real is palpable as you fixate on the main character, Shern Baxter, devolve and try to make sense of why her life is crumbling. She is in a battle for her sanity as she continues with college while her world collapses.

This psychological horror suspense is full of twists about slipping into darkness while trying to turn out okay.

This is Book 1 in the Dark Twists Trilogy!

What people are saying:

The way this story twisted it was amazeballs. Would highly recommend.

–Mark N.

Written in first person of voice Dark Twists and Surreal Turns amalgamates the elements of horror and suspense. The plot is refreshing and unique. I was totally blown when I read the first page itself. The author has an impeccable hold over vocabulary and the writing. The narrative is immensely engaging and vivid. The vibe seeps under your skin, excites you and consumes you whole. I definitely want to read more by her.


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