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Independent Consulting

Everyone needs help now and again, and sometimes it is beneficial to seek out someone that’s been there.

I’ve been to lots of places.

I do consulting occasionally, and I would love to help you out as well.

Topics I have consulted on in the past:

  • designing and making business cards that don’t break the bank
  • getting started writing that short story or book
  • organizing techniques to make your life easier
  • resume and cover letter writing
  • coaching to find another job/career
  • teaching techniques and helping with educational material
  • starting a freelance side hustle

If you want to know more, hit me up here. I charge $20 for a detailed email answer to one question, $40 for a 30 minute session, or $60 for an hour session. Project fees vary, as some projects involve more work than others. Contacting me to ask for advice is free, and I will respond back whether I can help or not–I don’t want to waste your time.

My forte: helping other science nerds, especially those in graduate school or who already have a terminal degree, to look for alternative ways to get out in the workforce.

There is something to be said for having stability, like working in industry or academia, but what if you could expand into other areas where your specialties shine and generate further income. Who knows? Maybe these new pursuits will help you become financially independent.

Contact me here science people!

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