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19. Driving thoughts

Photo by Adrian; Quote found on Pinterest

I used to drive a lot for work, when I was adjuncting at multiple colleges in the area. I drove maybe 3 or 4 thousand miles a month sometimes. It didn’t bother me that much, because I actually love car rides. I tend to think really well in the car and like to connect the dots on ideas I’ve been toying around with. These are great times to come up with keywords for Google searches.

Sometimes, driving home late at night, my imagination sees connections that I was too busy to see previously, and my thoughts dance around, building bridges. I’m not the fastest thinker, but given enough time I can break down any subject with the best of them (thank you Internet for the loads of information to answer ponderings).

Sometimes strategy and pivots take a while too. I usually have long term and short term goals running side by side on my agenda. Check off enough short-term goals and I end up reaching my long-term goal. What’s working, what’s not working, and what I need to do next to get to my long-term goal.

Everybody talks about making a lot of money, but I consider that my end goal: I have several other goals I need to achieve to get there. I want to strategize well enough to learn along the way and eventually hit that end goal.

What do you tend to think about a lot? What are some goals you have set for yourself, or for your business?

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18. Falling down and getting back up

You know how everybody tells you to cheer up when your down? They say stuff like, “Everything will work out,” or “Just don’t worry about it.”

Well, truth be told: I believe it’s okay to feel down sometimes. Sometimes things don’t work out and it’s okay to be bummed about it—it’s a natural reaction. What’s not okay is to let it drag you down so low that you quit your job and spend the next 3 months doing nothing but eating potato chips on the couch all day long.

Not only is this not healthy, it’s counterproductive. Take some time to be down about whatever happened, then get back up. Keep fighting. Didn’t get hired? There are sooo many other companies out there. Didn’t land that big sale you were counting on? Maybe there is a bigger fish swimming your way.

I came up with a new prototype for Teazzed recently, and my partner immediately shot it down. Just flat out said it won’t work. We had a discussion about it, and I got bummed that he wasn’t on board and didn’t see any potential. So I moped about it for a couple hours, then he reminded me about all the other leads we had going on, and eventually I decided to focus on those while taking the prototype back to the drawing board.

Not everything is a win; not everything is gold (though if you have the golden touch—email me immediately). Just because you come up with an idea or strategy or some other thing you think is awesome does not mean it will change the world. Take everything in stride. Homeostasis.

But who knows? Maybe I can get this prototype to work and something will come from it. If not, it’s just another concept I get to learn from.

Stay tuned, dear readers.

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17. Negotiation skills

My husband is a great negotiator. He negotiates just about everything: getting a car, getting the house, any house improvements we make, allowing me to let the dogs on the couch to snuggle with him (I do not like the dogs on the couch with their muddy paws), and thermostat negotiations.

Once, we walked out of a store after getting a tie down strap, and the strap literally fell apart in his hands while trying to tie something in the back of his truck. He went back inside, the owner said it had a tail light warranty, and my husband replied, “You can still see my tail lights they haven’t left the property.” Owner liked the answer, and my husband was able to exchange the tie down for something else.

Negotiation can be important. I read a book recently, Getting More by Stuart Diamond, that was really helpful in learning tips and tricks about negotiations. I highlighted the heck out of that book and try to put its tips into practice when I can. My negotiation skills are slowly getting better. One day I hope to be a savvy negotiator—not to screw people over, but to not get screwed myself, and be able to offer a fair deal for all involved.

How about you? Are you constantly working on your negotiation skills? Or are you already a master like my husband?  

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14. Time Management

Photo by Aron Visuals; quote by William Penn

I try to be very prompt for showing up at places. If the appointment is for 1:45pm, then I will arrive early.

If my husband has an appointment at 1:45pm, he might be on time if he is lucky. I feel it is my job to get him on time to where we are going, because I haaaate showing up late.

Accidents happen; delays happen, yes. So leave early.

Time is fleeting. It passes us by, and we don’t get the days back. So when I work on something in my business I try to do it as efficiently as possible so I can utilize my time to the max. Does this strategy work all the time? Of course not. Some days I’m like, “Screw it,” and just be lazy and put things off. But other days I am on fire and finish my tasks and save the rest of the time for relaxing.

Other people’s time is important as well. If you are in a conversation with someone, whether text, email, etc., don’t just drop off the face of the Earth. People think ghosting only applies to dating, but actually people in all kinds of positions will do it as well, if they feel they can’t help you or have some other issue. Please don’t waste a potential customer’s time and not respond when they took the time to get in touch with you.

What do you wish you had more time to do?

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13. Pivoting

Photo by Clever Visuals; quote by Marilyn Monroe

Planning ahead is essential, especially in business. Strategy needs to be worked out; goals need to be set; motivation to keep going when you feel burnt out needs to be in place so you have something to lean on.

I like to think of planning ahead as a chess game: there are so many paths you can take, so you strategize for the one that might work best. When it doesn’t work, you change approaches, or pivot: adopt a new strategy to get you to your goal.

Pivoting is important, and it isn’t always used in business. If you had plans with your best friend in the afternoon, but they call to say that time/day won’t work out for them after all, you pivot and see what other times/days are available. If a lesson plan goes awry, you pivot and come up with some alternatives.

Nothing is set in stone—pivot until it works.

One of my recent pivots: I have enjoyed writing this blog so much that I decided to get back into writing. I am in the process of completing and publishing my next book, a horror story collection. So who knows, perhaps future readers will be reading this post because they found out about my book and decided to start following my blog.

Lol, welcome!

This is all, of course, between experiments, and work, and anything else that pops up. I’m busy; you’re busy; everyone is busy.

What is one pivot you’ve encountered recently in your life?

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Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the world.

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