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Mix in some quotes, add a dash of short stories, and sprinkle with winged cat digital art: now you have the recipe for a great motivational book!

Are all relationships worth fighting for?

Miller Mariner believes she has found love. Her heart is filled with mostly happiness and she thinks life can’t get any better. Her cat, however, tells a darker story. Will he eventually open her eyes, or is Miller doomed to a crumbling relationship?

Miller and her cat Pumpkin are back for further adventures exploring narcisstic issues

In the wake of book 1, Miller and Pumpkin head for a family reunion at a wedding. What is supposed to be a rekindling experience for Miller, she finds dark undercurrents facing her. Will Pumpkin be able to save her this time?

Psychological Suspense Thriller

The clock is ticking and he is waiting at the edge of her sanity. How much horror can Shern Baxter handle to stay alive?

Book 1 in the Dark Twists Trilogy!

Dark Twists Trilogy Book 2!

The story continues as Shern navigates past and present to deal with her issues as she skirts the edge of darkness.

Book 3 of the Dark Twists Trilogy!

Shern has been through the wringer, and now tries to piece her life back together from all she has lost.

Until she finds out her monsters are real.

Taboo Topics

This eBook was written to shed light taboo religious and spiritual topics, and bring a different perspective to biblical stories. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it.

Horror Story Collection

Prepare yourself for a delightfully eclectic collection filled with distortions that twist the horror genre. As described by one reader: “ho. le. crap.”

Relationship Guide

What goes around, comes around. But it doesn’t have too. I’ve taken all I’ve learned in my relationship experiences a written a list of what to look for and what to avoid in relationships. Learn from my mistakes and be happy.

Resume Builder

You need to write an awesome resume, but where do you start?? Look no further! After years of writing resumes, I put together an outline for you, so you can wow any potential employer and get the job.

General Fiction

A collection of short stories of different genres and impact revolving around college life and coming of age. The first book I ever published that fell through the cracks from a publishing scandal.

“Yes, it isn’t. It is a time of great stress, of trial by fire, so to speak, and not everyone passes. It’s hard sometimes to see you’re about to sin when you think it is what you are supposed to do–the right thing to do. Do you remember that day?”

God is a Mob Boss

It’s in these moments of clarity I wonder if other people have similar problems.

Sunday, from Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1

“Guess what, Pumpkin!”

I flattened my ears back a bit at the name she had chosen for me. Fang or Claw would have been more acceptable for any mighty tom, but she chose to go with my love for pumpkin pie. That stuff is incredible.

A Whiskered Perspective
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