Currently I have two pen names: M.G. Rorai, my light and breezy books, and M.G. Spear, the more dark and brooding reads. All books are listed on this page.

M.G. Rorai:

An amewzing read guaranteed to have you busting at the seams while giving your cat the side-eye. A loveable and funny collection of poems that will bring fond memories of felines.

Life lessons for kids as told by cat creatures!

Colorful creature cats creatively tell their tales of life lessons and morals that will get any avid reader ready for life’s adventures.

What goes around, comes around. But it doesn’t have to. I’ve taken all I’ve learned in my relationship experiences a written a list of what to look for and what to avoid in relationships. Learn from my mistakes and be happy.

Mix in some quotes, add a dash of short stories, and sprinkle with winged cat digital art: now you have the recipe for a great motivational book!

M.G. Spear:

The complete Whiskered Perspective Saga!

Miller thinks she has found love, but her cat Pumpkin, tells a darker story.

Soon the relationship takes a dark turn, and Miller finds herself reaching out to family for support.

But they too turn her away, thinking she is the cause of the mess.

Family secrets and narcissistic deeds come to light as Pumpkin tells a tale of woe and tragedy for Miller. Will she ever find peace again?

A gothic horror collection that will make you think twice about turning off the lights. Dare to open a set of stories that will take you places only whispered by spiders.

The clock is ticking and he is waiting at the edge of her sanity.

Shern navigates past and present to deal with her issues as she skirts the edge of darkness to thwart the madness.

She goes through the wringer, and tries to piece her life back together from all she has lost.

Until she finds out her monsters are real.

This book is the complete Dark Twists Trilogy

Companion Book to Twist in the Void

Want to know more about this fictional world I am building?

This eBook was written to shed light taboo religious and spiritual topics, and bring a different perspective to biblical stories. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it.

What is the answer?

What will prevail?

Will it be the red dot?

Or will the cat win the tale?

Catnip, Toilet Paper, and Lasers

Stray shoelace drives me downwards.

Momentum slides me across the tile.

The door, that blessed opening of freedom, comes streaking and jams me into the doorframe.

Consciousness fades and monsters come out to play.

Welcome to the wonderful world of me, Shern Baxter.

Twist in the Void

“Guess what, Pumpkin!”

I flattened my ears back a bit at the name she had chosen for me. Fang or Claw would have been more acceptable for any mighty tom, but she chose to go with my love for pumpkin pie. That stuff is incredible.

A Whiskered Perspective

“Yes, it isn’t. It is a time of great stress, of trial by fire, so to speak, and not everyone passes. It’s hard sometimes to see you’re about to sin when you think it is what you are supposed to do–the right thing to do. Do you remember that day?”

God is a Mob Boss
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