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Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1

Looking for a spine-chilling horror collection? Can you survive these scary stories as they wrap their tentacles through your imagination and take you to places only whispered by the shadows?

This delightfully eclectic collection is filled with distortions that twist the horror genre. As described by one reader, “ho. le. crap.”

Purchase a copy today for a horror collection that delights the senses and sends chills down your spine. This collection includes a myriad of stories, from breakup revenge to reality peeling off the walls into delusion. Some characters wonder if they are home alone; another has an underlying fear of their closet; one tells tales of evil unicorns, so vicious they tore into their enemies’ flesh with deadly fangs. Another wonders if the shadow spiders will ever leave them alone, while someone else weaves their fears around toilet paper. All of these stories and more create a web of suspense, chills, and guarantee a spooky evening.

The collection contains:

Toilet Paper: It waits until you are most vulnerable. “Toilet paper has been around for centuries, dating back to medieval China. It has become a common household item, sold in many different varieties to suit anyone’s fancy. Toilet paper is as harmless as any bath rug, or Kleenex, or any other ordinary household item.
That is, except for the toilet paper residing in Janice Mider’s apartment. “

Revenge: Heartbreak gone wrong. Really wrong. “In her left hand rested a pocketknife, small enough to fit on a keychain but big enough to be slowly dragged across her right forearm. The sting kept her awake, alert. Ready.”

Closet Noises: A growing fear of what lurks in a closet. What would you do if those fears came alive? “Yet the noises continued to haunt Sam with their presence, and as spring began to dwindle a fear gnawed at the back of her mind. This fear was uncalled for, but it grew anyway whenever she passed by the coat closet to get to the front door.”

Bubbles: Not just another day at the pool. “Halfway through the third lap, however, Janine felt a sharp pain along the middle of her back, causing her to lose feeling in her legs. They stopped churning in the water and hung lifeless below her. “

Sunday: Gearing up for the workweek while having to deal with shadow spiders. “There is a creature that watches me shower… It looks like a mutated spider that has seen hard times. Whenever I sense its stare, I start to feel so uncomfortable that I must turn around and see its gruesome eye, its unblinking eye.”

Butterfly Disease: “It started with a cough—a raspy sounding cough that Mrs. Grener noticed one of her fifth graders having. There was also a small rash at the base of the boy’s neck as well. She confirmed with other teachers down the hallway that some of their kids also had the rash and cough. By noon fifteen kids were said to have it, and that was enough to call a counsel to order.”

Dark of Night: When paranoia sets in while being home alone. “The phone rang, jostling her thoughts. Jenny was pretty sure her parents’ movie wasn’t over, and her sisters wouldn’t be calling to check up on her.
“Are you awake?”
“Uh…sure.” Jenny couldn’t recognize the male voice, but from the way the conversation was going, she knew she needed to hang up.
“You don’t sound awake.”

Below: A metaphorical look about descending into darkness. “No door handle existed; it had fallen off long ago. The only way was for me to push the door open—for me to expand my world to unknown limitations; to step into the abyss and possibly fall, fall, through my own willing.”

The Battle of Glosser: Flesh-eating unicorns terrorizing people—how does it stop? “Once the scorns tasted meat, it drove their minds as black as their bodies…they grew long fangs to help them tear, and sharp molars to help grind up the flesh.”

Dark of Night Version B: “The room became a kaleidoscope of pain; the walls peeled bleeding bits of blackness that oozed onto the carpet.”

What people are saying:

This collection contains an assortment of 10 stories; all of which focusing on an unsettling creepy horror vibe, instead of blood and guts horror. M.G. Spear gets an A+ for creativity, as each story varies; not two stories in the collection sound the same. I enjoyed that M.G. Spear took mundane items, such as toilet paper in the very first story titled Toilet Paper, and turned it into a tale of horror. Hats off to you, M.G. Spear.

–Kendall Reviews

In this book, you will find a collection of short stories that will give you a spook. I know it did me. Combined with the colorful illustrations, the stories will have you screeching (maybe that will just be me) in fear. Each story is as unique as this book is as a whole.

Honestly, I was a little in shock of the illustrations. It is like reading a picture book as a child might. I had it in my mind that the illustration wouldn’t make a difference in the “spook” factor of the stories. I was surprised when they did. I mean, I grabbed this book because of the name and the cat. I mean, I am a book lover, so, of course, I love my cats. It surprised me what the different images did to each story. I found that they made visualization easier for me.

As for the stories, I have to say they were strange but easy to be sucked in. The writing works well with the pictures. I always try to rate books with collections like this one as a whole, but I have to say I loved the individual story named Sunday. It had me freaked out.
I wouldn’t say I was just terrified by this book, but each story presents the reader with a new reaction. As a whole, I enjoyed this book.

–Boundless Book Reviews, Amazon Reviewer

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