8a. Not everything goes according to plan

Photo by Christian Fregnan; quote by MGSpear So…that experiment I posted about a few posts back, hoping it would be the one that works. Here are the series of steps that have happened so far for this version of my project:                   Step 1: For this particular experiment I am working with speakers, and I had […]

8. Studying & Learning

Photo by Zhu Hongzhi; quote found on Pinterest What do you think is important for a testing environment? An answer sheet? The test questions (of course)? Something to write with? A quiet room? How about having studied ahead of time? There really is something to be said for being prepared. Obviously, people absorb information in […]

7. Social Media Marketing

Photo by Milad Sefidfard; quote found on Pinterest Did you know, in the process of Photosynthesis, that Photosystem II comes before Photosystem I? What actually happened was Photosystem I was discovered first, and people thought that was the end-all, be-all, and then someone else came along later and discovered something happens before Photosystem I. So, […]

4. The shotgun approach

Photo by Andrew Neel; quote by Mark Batterson When pursuing information for anything, I personally like using the shotgun approach. I email tons of people in the field I am looking for information in, and see what comes back. Some people will want to pass on helping you, some people won’t even answer back, some […]

3. Things get better with time and experience.

Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos; quote added by me. I have been teaching for over 9 years now. In the beginning, I was a little overwhelmed and spent every waking hour getting lectures ready, writing exams, and coming up with extra material on topics covered in case someone asked a question. Was I a […]