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About me


Hi! Eclectic author here!

My loves are writing, inventing, motivating, kitties, and randomness.


I’ve been writing as long as I can remember, and even published a book in college. I like to think of writing as painting with words, and I’ve been honing my craft ever since.

Books I have published so far:

 Black Cat Scribbles Vol. 1 – a horror short story collection that combines great storytelling with awesome visuals. It’s more chilling suspenseful horror than gory horror–a Poe and Salvador Dali type of match. There’s a complexity to good horror that draws me in—I love to be able to make my readers question reality, because reality itself has so many layers and perceptions;

Dark Twists and Surreal Turns – a suspenseful book about a reality crumbling around a grad student, and how she deals with the monsters that come out to play;

God is a Mob Boss – a book about religious taboo topics and a different perspective on biblical stories; and

Jumping on the Trampoline – A general fiction short story collection. This was actually the first book I ever published back in 2006, but due to a publisher scandal it fell through the cracks.

I’ve got some other stories and tidbits published for sale as well, and have my author page on Amazon up and running.

I also like to motivate and be funny. I’m a Biology teacher by trade, teaching at both the college and high school levels. I love breaking down a difficult topic with analogies and jokes (and even sometimes memes—I’ve got this great allergen meme that equates pollen to the death star), and seeing my student’s faces light up with understanding. Sometimes having a concept explained in a simpler manner makes a lot of connections for a person.

Motivating comes naturally to me; being funny took a little effort, but I took both of those skills and started my blog to blow off steam and basically give blogging a try. I am definitely eclectic and quirky, so there will be some random stuff thrown in every once in a while.


Another quality that drives my teaching is being able to help people. This is one of the reasons why I started consulting. I’ve been freelance writing resumes and projects for years, and took that drive to also focus on business, including being frugal, strategies to deploy, website design, etc. You can check out my consulting topics here to learn more. I know it’s cliché to say I want to help people, but it really does motivate me when I see someone succeed with the tools given to them. I don’t know everything and still learn all the time, so I will flat out tell you if I am not able to help you—no sense wasting both of our time with something I can’t provide. But perhaps what you are searching for I can help you with, so that you can start pursuing your project.


As for the inventing, I’ve been in science and theorizing things since I could imagine. When I was smaller, I had a journal that I would write my ideas in, such as how to turn into different animals, or how to cure diseases. I always thought it would be cool to come up with a great idea.

I didn’t move from just theorizing to actual experimenting and inventing until after I had finished my Masters and had been in the workforce for a while. I don’t have “the knack,” as while my theories seem solid, my experiments fail. A lot. But I learn from them, and keep at it, and so far I have one patent pending under my belt (check out Teazzed). I am a tea fanatic but don’t always have time for tea to brew with my on-the-go lifestyle. So I invented a way to make brewed tea in 30 seconds or less, and now I take my straw everywhere with me to have tea whenever and wherever I want.

Writing is my main stress relief, and I’ve had so much fun selling my books and writing my blog. Subscribe to my blog to keep updated—I currently post around twice a week and occasionally change up the website. Feel free to look around and explore. Enjoy!

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