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A Whiskered Perspective

Something doesn’t feel right. You thought you brought up a good point, but then the conversation derailed, you got blamed yet again, then got confused and just gave up.

Could it be you? Could you be that much of a screwup?

Or are you being gaslighted?

Miller thinks she has found love but her cat, Pumpkin, tells a darker story. Not all love is equal, even if you desperately want it to be.

All it takes is a great smile, a winning personality, then when they’ve got control the switch flips and you start to deteriorate under their loveless gaze. Don’t let this happen to you.

This is a story that will resonate with both cat lovers and soulmate seekers; in the search for a long-term partner, you’ll wish you had Pumpkin by your side.

How far will Pumpkin go to protect Miller? Will his sacrifice save the woman that saved him?

What People are saying:

This had me on the edge of my seat til the end. I love Pumpkin!


I loved the pacing and back and forth between Pumpkin’s point of view and Miller’s diary entries. Once I sat down to read it I couldn’t put it down! It fully grabbed my attention and I finished it in one sitting. It’s definitely a darker relationship story with a narcissist; I loved the contrast between the narcissist and Pumpkin. I would love to read more Pumpkin books.

–Emily T.

Such a great story! Loved the premise of the cat telling the tale. Hoping for a follow-up sequel. Quick read, couldn’t stop till the end. Plenty of twists and turns to hold your interest!

–Paula LeBlanc, Amazon Reviewer

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