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6. Doing the MacGyver thing

Photo by Ashim D. Silva

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Thomas Edison

Remember how I said I want to start out on the right foot? Let me amend that a little: I want to start out on the right foot as frugal as I can. For my experiments, if I can’t order my materials cheaply to come up with a prototype, then I try to figure out another approach that would be cheap. I do not have a million dollar lab setup—I have a tool bench with drawers filled with random stuff I use for experiments. I never throw any of it away, in case I can use it for another experiment. So when I say I fund my experiments, what I mean is, that is what I spend my money on instead of shoes, purses, etc. I won’t work on anything that I can’t make affordable, so I don’t break the bank on one experiment. Plus I have worked it out with my husband: if he can spend money on car parts and plant stuff (he’s big into plants), then I can spend money on my experiment stuff.

I love a good deal. Same with business. I try to grow my business as frugally as possible and not spend money out the window. I want to learn for myself what works and doesn’t work, and not spend an enormous amount of money. As the business grows and more cash flow comes in, then I will expand out and try more avenues.

 Do you like doing things yourself? How do you handle expenses with your hobbies or businesses?

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