Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the world.

— Albert Einstein

Good things come to those who wait. But how long are you going to wait? Why not do it now?

That is exactly what I am up to. I am a busy person: I have a full time job, a part time job, my writing biz where I recently published a short story collection (http://www.BlackCatScribbles.com ), and a tea business (http://www.Teazzed.com).

I started this blog to keep up with what’s going on, showcase my insatiable passion for problem solving, inventing, writing, tea, and more mundane stuff as well.

And yes there will be cat posts too, because cat people rule.

Roam around all you want–read my posts, check out my businesses, and drop me a line if you feel so inclined.

Welcome to my world.

Published by MGSpear

Just an innovative entrepreneur aiming to improve product design, among other things.

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